Why Kopernik

Kopernik Global Investors offers investors a distinctive philosophy and a time-tested investment process focused on fundamental bottom-up research that its founder has been implementing for over three decades, and which numerous members of Kopernik’s investment team have been helping him execute.

Although Kopernik is a new organization, David Iben, our Founder, Managing Member, and Lead Portfolio Manager, has been investing professionally since 1982 and has overseen very large investment programs at the highest level of sophistication. Additionally, seventeen former colleagues of Mr. Iben’s have followed him to Kopernik, a statement of both his past success and their faith in his ability to manage a successful investment business. Together, the Kopernik investment team has navigated through complex global markets, identified inefficiencies, uncovered valuable businesses, considered myriad risks and opportunities, and executed investment strategies successfully. (Please see Our Team.)

Long experience, a proven investment model, fresh analysis, and an eye towards establishing itself as a leading manager for today’s investment environment provide Kopernik an edge in the marketplace.