Kopernik believes that the markets are inherently inefficient and significant alpha may be gained on a global basis via independent thought and rigorous research. The likely outcomes of a distinctive philosophy consistently implemented by skilled investors are sustainable investment success and low correlations to other managers.


We view ourselves as owners of businesses

  • Market inefficiencies present numerous opportunities to identify quality businesses that we believe are mispriced
  • Independent research of a company’s business, industry supply/demand, competitive positioning and management uncovers opportunities

We predicate our intensive, original research on:

  • A global perspective to enhance understanding of markets and companies
  • A long-term investment horizon to allow for inherent value to be realized
  • Value as a pre-requisite, not a philosophy
  • Bottom-up, fundamental analysis to gain a thorough, forward-looking understanding of a company’s business and valuation
  • Industry-tailored valuation metrics to assess distinct industry characteristics and success drivers